Police to Open Firing Ranges on November 15th

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The Illinois State Police will open its firing ranges on Saturday, November 15, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to the public for the purpose of sighting in shotguns and handguns, which are being allowed during the regular firearm deer season for the first time this year. This is a cooperative program with the Department of Natural Resources and provides firearm owners with an opportunity to check their guns in a safe environment.

The public is asked to call one of the ranges listed below before the scheduled date to make a reservation. Targets will be provided and there is no charge for use of the range. Participants must possess a valid Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card and transport the firearm legally by having it unloaded and enclosed in a case.

Participating ranges include: District 2 at Elgin, 847-931-2405; District 5 at Joliet, 815-726-9119 - Extension 223; District 8 at Metamora, 309-676-2116 - Extension 238; District 14 at Macomb, 309-833-4046 - Extension 0; District 16 at Pecatonica, 815-963-7688; District 18 at Litchfield, 217-625-2131.

In a related note, there has been a change in the allowable ammunition which can be used by individuals using handguns during the regular firearm deer season. Bottleneck cartridges will be allowed. So the regulations are as follows:"For handguns, a bottleneck centerfire cartridge of .30 caliber or larger with a case length not exceeding 1.4 inches, or a straight-walled centerfire cartridge of .30 caliber or larger, both of which must be available as a factory load with the published ballistic tables of the manufacturer showing a capability of at least 500 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle.Non-expanding, military-style full metal jacket bullets cannot be used to harvest deer. Only soft point or expanding bullets, including copper or copper alloy rounds designed for hunting, are legal ammunition”