Polar Bear Hunting News

Nunavut, Greenland Launch Joint Study of Kane Basin Polar Bears

A study of the Kane Basin polar bear sub-population began April 23, 2012 in collaboration with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources.

Public Advisory: Polar Bear Sightings Common in Coastal Labrador

Residents of Labrador’s coastal communities are advised to be vigilant given that polar bears are active at this time of the year and may be commonly sighted along the Labrador coast.

Nunavut Furs Sell for Record High Prices at Auction

Nunavut furs set record-high prices at Fur Harvesters Auction Inc.’s January 7 sale. Polar bear, wolf, wolverine, arctic fox and ringed seal pelts from Nunavut were offered for sale alongside fur from elsewhere in Canada and North America.

“We are extremely pleased with the record high prices obtained by Nunavut furs at this recent auction,” said the Honorable James Arreak, Minister of Environment. “Income from sealskin and fur sales goes directly into the pockets of hunters and trappers and allows Nunavummiut to continue traditional harvesting activities.”

Polar Bear Holding Facility in Manitoba Ready For Upcoming Season

The final round of structural upgrades to the holding facility for polar bears that persistently wander into the northern coastal town of Churchill is now complete, Conservation Minister Bill Blaikie announced.

"Polar bears that make their way back into the community after being chased away need to be isolated in the facility until they can be safely transported out of town or until Hudson Bay ices over," said Blaikie. "The holding facility provides safety for both the people of the north and these magnificent animals."

Northwest Territories Offers Polar Bear Outfitters Financial Support
A new assistance program for polar bear outfitters is providing additional help to the sector to promote and develop alternative hunting and tourism products. The Polar Bear Outfitter Assistance Program is designed to aid polar bear outfitters who have been impacted by the U.S. ban on the importation of polar bear hides.
Canada Responds to European Decision on Polar Bear Imports
Canada’s Environment Minister, Jim Prentice today issued the following statement upon the release of the European Union Scientific Review Group’s decision on Polar Bear imports.
SCI Files Lawsuit to Reverse ESA Listing of Polar Bears
Safari Club International (SCI) filed a lawsuit on September 8th challenging the listing of the polar bear as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) which led the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to ban imports of polar bear trophies from Canada.
US Polar Bear Decision Affects Inuvialuit Economy
The May 14th decision by the United States (U.S.) Fish and Wildlife Service to list polar bears as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act will have an affect on Inuvialuit communities.
Greenland's Polar Bear Management
Nunavut’s Minister of Environment, Olayuk Akesuk, has endorsed Greenland’s Government for instituting a new system of polar bear management.
Nunavut and Greenland Agree to Manage Shared Polar Bear Populations
Nunavut and Greenland have reached an agreement to manage shared populations of polar bears that will help ensure their sustainability.