Pennsylvania Hunting News

Pennsylvania's Largest Bear of Season Poached
When is the largest bear killed in Pennsylvania's bear season not the largest bear harvested? When it is the largest bear killed over bait, which equals poaching.
Pennsylvania 2 Day Bear Harvest Numbers Released
Two days of bear hunting have produced a preliminary harvest of 2,709 bears, according to Pennsylvania Game Commission reports.
Pennsylvania Bear Outlook Good
Last year's black bear harvest was the second highest on record, and weather permitting, the Pennsylvania Game Commission expects hunters to have similar opportunities afield in the upcoming bear seasons.
Pennsylvania Turkey Hunters Encouraged to Submit Harvest Online
Those participating in the state's fall turkey season are encouraged to report their harvests through the Pennsylvania Game Commission's new online system.
Pennsylvania Turkey Season Opens Oct. 31
The Pennsylvania Game Commission is expecting hunters to encounter a sizeable wild turkey population when they head afield for the opening day of wild turkey season on October 31. And, because of the abundant acorn crop this year, finding birds this fall may be more difficult than it was last year.
North America's Hottest Trophy Areas
Which areas of North America have produced the most Boone and Crockett trophies so far in the new millennium?
Evidence Shows MAIG Uses Names Without Permission
As a growing number of mayors in Ohio and around the country resign from Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's gun control group, new evidence suggests some of their names have been added to the member list and used to promote Bloomberg's political agenda without their knowledge or permission.
Pennsylvania's Online Harvest Reporting System Available
Those participating in the state's archery deer seasons will be the first to be able to file their harvest reports through the Pennsylvania Game Commission's new online system.
Pennsylvania GC Votes Down Crossbow Restrictions
The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners voted down a proposal that would have placed restrictions on crossbow use for the 2009-10 seasons.
Artificial Feeding Causing Deaths in Pennsylvania Elk
Pennsylvania Game Commission officials recently reported that there have been four cases involving elk that have died of rumen acidosis, which is directly related to artificial feeding that causes an abrupt change in an elk's diet that wreaks havoc with its digestive system.