Pennsylvania Man Guilty of Poaching Elk in Colorado

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The "long-arm of the law" caught up with George Isenberg Jr., 52, of Venetia, Washington County, who recently pled guilty of one count of unlawfully transporting illegal game into Pennsylvania, and concluded an investigation that began in January.

In January, information was given to Game Commission WCO Dan Sitler, who serves the northern district of Washington County, about Isenberg shooting a bull elk in Colorado without having a valid bull elk license issued in that state.

"The Colorado Division of Wildlife was notified of the investigation and information was shared between officers of both states regarding the investigation and findings," WCO Sitler said. "Two search warrants were executed in January: one for high school attendance and excuse records; and the second on the Isenberg's residence.

"The first warrant showed that his son, who actually was the one issued the bull tag was back in Pennsylvania attending school. The second warrant on the residence produced 98 packages of meat and two 2008 Colorado hunting licenses."

Isenberg gave a written statement admitting to the taking of the 5x5 bull elk. After pleading guilty, he was ordered to pay fines and court costs of $566.50 in Pennsylvania. Earlier, he pled guilty to Colorado violations and was fined more than $2,800.

Along with the fines imposed he will also have his license revoked in Colorado and Pennsylvania.

However, Richard Palmer, Game Commission Bureau of Wildlife Protection, noted that since Colorado is a member of the "Wildlife Violator Compact," along with several other states, those other states enrolled in the compact also will honor the Colorado revocation.

"This is fine example of how two states and their wildlife agencies can work together for a common cause: protecting wildlife," Palmer said. "It also is one example of how states place differing values on wildlife based on their fines and penalties."