Penned Hunting Banned

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Conservation Minister Oscar Lathlin officially banned penned hunting in Manitoba with today?s proclamation of the Wildlife Amendment Act.

"The government will no longer permit any new penned hunting operations in Manitoba," said Lathlin. "Officials are working with current operators and owners on the elimination of penned hunting in the province."

The Wildlife Amendment Act (Bill 5) provides government with the authority to regulate penned hunting of native and exotic wildlife species. Penned or captive hunting is the hunting and killing of wildlife in a fenced or enclosed area regardless of the size of the enclosed area.

Public consultation meetings were held throughout the province last year prior to the development of regulations under Bill 5. Operators have been formally notified about the proclamation.

"The government will allow a one-year exemption for current operators to leave the business and no more than two years to meet commitments or bookings for captive hunting," said the minister.

The regulations state that under no circumstances will exemptions be extended to permit captive hunting more than two years after the regulations are in force. Hunting of wild animals and game birds, trapping and nuisance animal control are not affected by the regulations.


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I had never heard of penned

I had never heard of penned hunts up in Manitoba before so this article came as a surprise. I wonder how much land they are refering to as being a penned hunt? Any high fence operation no matter how large or if there are actually hunts in realtively small penned areas. At any rate I am in no way in favor of any of these penned hunts as they are not really hunts but merely a meat harvest instead. I have seen many such in Texas that are an absolute joke and amazes me that so many men walk away actually proud of what they have done. I will go with low fence or no fence public land every time and be proud of my hunting whether successful or not.