Over-The-Counter Cow Elk Licenses Will Not Be Available

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A misprint in the 2002 Big Game Brochure indicated there were over-the-counter cow elk licenses available. However, as in past years, the Division of Wildlife will not be selling over-the-counter licenses for cow elk.

As in past years, the Colorado Division of Wildlife will not sell over-the-counter cow elk licenses for the 2002 seasons, despite a misprint on Page 27 of the 2002 Big Game Brochure that indicated they were available. The "Elk Licenses Fees" box listed a fee of $250 for over-the-counter nonresident cow elk licenses.

The Division has never sold over-the-counter cow elk licenses, because biologists want to keep track of how many cows are in each game management unit in order to maintain viable breeding populations. Some units already are at objective for cow elk, so over-the-counter cow licenses would be problematic, since they are unlimited in number and could be used in an area where cows did not need to be culled.

However, leftover cow elk licenses that were not taken in the drawing will go on sale at Division of Wildlife offices beginning Aug. 13.

This is the first year the Division has had a price difference between cow and bull elk licenses for nonresident hunters because Colorado's elk herd is over-objective, and more cows need to be harvested. Last year, the price for both a nonresident bull elk license and a nonresident cow elk license was $450. This year, the price for a nonresident cow elk license is $250; the bull license price is $470.