Outdoors Woman Workshop September 26th-28th

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The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks has announced that there are still openings for the Sept. 26-28 Becoming An Outdoors Woman (BOW) workshop at Rock Springs Ranch, near Junction City.

This workshop is designed to meet the interests of modern-day women, which are often more diverse than those of their Victorian ancestors. Women today are as likely to watch and play basketball and other sports as are men. This is becoming increasingly true in the outdoor sports. However, many women who might be interested in hunting, fishing, or the many other activities nature has to offer just don't know where to begin. The BOW program is designed to fill this need.

At the BOW workshop, women learn to "do it themselves," from baiting a hook to building a campfire. Whatever her outdoor interests, the BOW workshop allows the active woman to explore her own potential and meet her own challenges. BOW provides the skills to conquer these tasks - and many naturalist activities, as well.

The workshop will be held in an relaxed environment, using a format that is almost exclusively hands-on. Seminars will help participants become familiar with equipment and all details of each activity, including technique, safety, care, and ethical use.

Experts in every area will be on hand to help participants, who will choose from more than 40 different activities, including hunting, fishing, wild game cooking, float tubing, archery, stream ecology, canoeing, natural history, backpacking, and camping.

The workshop is designed for women 18 years or older, costs $180, and will include six meals, two nights' lodging, supplies, and use of equipment. A limited number of scholarships are available. For Becoming an Outdoors Woman registration material and information, contact Bev Aldrich at (620) 672-5911 or email BevA@wp.state.ks.us.