Oregon Hunting News

Oregon DFW Collars 3 Imnaha Pack Wolves
ODFW staff collared three wolves from the Imnaha pack last week, which will help wildlife managers better track and understand the pack's movements.
Hunting License Sales Increased in 2009
In a year when one word, "fewer," described life in America -- fewer jobs, fewer home sales, fewer purchases -- hunters were responsible for generating a welcome "more" category, as hunting license sales rose by 3.5 percent in 2009 in states that make up NSSF's Hunting License Sales Index.
West Virginia Joins Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact
Game law violators in West Virginia could face additional consequences for their actions under an interstate agreement recognizing suspension of hunting, fishing and trapping licenses in other states.
Oregon DFW Grant Keeps Hunting Areas Open Through 2014
A $200,626 grant from ODFW's Access and Habitat Program along with a $36,840 grant from the Fish Restoration and Enhancement Program is helping to keep 608,000 acres of industrial timberlands owned by JWTR Company of Klamath Falls open to public access for hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreation opportunities through 2014.
North America's Hottest Trophy Areas
Which areas of North America have produced the most Boone and Crockett trophies so far in the new millennium?
Oregon DFW Releases 18 Rocky Mtn Goats
ODFW and U.S. Forest Service staff released 18 Rocky Mountain goats into the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness in the Umatilla National Forest during the week of July 20 as part of a continuing effort to establish a population in this area.
RMEF Releases Annual Elk Hunt Forecast
Elk and elk hunting opportunities are plentiful across the U.S. and Canada, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has just released its annual roundup of hunt forecasts for 27 states and provinces.
Oregon Mule Deer Initiative Committee Meets June 30th
The Murderers Creek Mule Deer Initiative Planning Committee will meet June 30 from 3-6 p.m. in the Juniper Room of the Malheur National Forest Supervisor's Office, 431 Patterson Bridge Road in John Day.
Oregon Fish and Game Adopts 2009 Big Game Regs
The Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted fall 2009 limited-entry big game tags and concepts for 2010 big game regulations.
Oregon Reduces Mule Deer Tags in Areas
Rifle deer tags available for hunters may be reduced by 440 tags in the Maury unit and 33 tags in the N. Warner unit for the fall 2009 seasons.