Oregon Hunting News

Delisting of Wolves in 8 States Begins

On the heels of legislation passed last month with the support of the Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus (CSC) as part of the FY 2011 budget agreement, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) announced this week that it is lifting Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections for 5,500 grey wolves in eight states in the Northern Rockies and Great Lakes and has published a proposed rule to remove gray wolves from ESA designation in the Western Great Lakes.

Wolverine Tracks Confirmed in Oregon

For the first time in recorded history, biologists have confirmed that tracks found in the Wallowa Mountains of Northeast Oregon are those of a North American wolverine.

Researcher Dr. Audrey Magoun found the wolverine tracks in the snow on April 17 while hiking to a remote camera site set up to detect wolverines. She followed the tracks for about a mile until they left the river bottom headed into the high country.

Montana Wildlife Officials Applaud Congressional Wolf Measure

Montana wildlife officials heaped praise on U.S. Senator Jon Tester as a Congressional measure he helped craft removed gray wolves from the list of threatened and endangered species in Montana, Idaho, and parts of Oregon, Washington and Utah.

One of Collared Imnaha Wolves Found Dead

One of the Imnaha pack wolves was found dead yesterday in Wallowa County.

The wolf found was the yearling female collared on Feb. 25. The wolf's radio collar emitted a signal indicating it had been motionless for a minimum of four hours. ODFW was able to reach the site and determine the wolf was dead in the afternoon on March 1.

Oregon DFW Collared 3 Additional Imnaha Wolves

Three additional wolves from the Imnaha Pack were collared by ODFW and its partners last weekend in Wallowa County.

On Feb. 25 a gray yearling male was captured and collared with a GPS collar, a device that will automatically record its location and send the information to ODFW.

Also on Feb. 25, a gray yearling female was captured and fitted with a radio collar, a device that requires biologists to search for it with a radio. The following day (Feb. 26), a gray 2-year-old male was fitted with a GPS collar.

RMEF Works to Protect 10,000 Acres in Oregon

A rancher in eastern Oregon has placed over 10,000 acres of wildlife habitat under permanent protection via conservation easement with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF).

The easement ensures the future of vital winter range for a regional herd of 600-800 elk.

John and Patricia Habberstad of China Peak Ranch, near Monument, Ore., have placed 10,334 acres under easement with RMEF in three stages dating back to 2002. The most recent action, completed in January, added 5,101 acres to the total.

Oregon Offers Second Chance to Win Sports Pacs

A lucky 48 Oregon hunters won 2012 Sports Pacs and two non-residents won an annual 2012 Hunting License because they applied early for their 2011 fall big game controlled hunts.

Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation Offers Talk on Gray Wolves

The Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation invites you to learn about Oregon's top predators, gray wolves and cougars, as it kicks off its Discovering Wildlife Speaker Series with a free presentation by state wildlife biologists on Wednesday, Feb. 16 at 6:30 p.m. in Portland.

20 Oregon Bighorn Sheep Transplanted to Wyoming

After an all night drive from the John Day River Area in northern Oregon, another 20 bighorn sheep have been relocated some 900 miles from their original home to Wyoming's Seminoe Mountains.

According to WGFD bighorn sheep coordinator Kevin Hurley, the new transplant will supplement 20 Oregon sheep released Dec. 2, 2009, in the Seminoes along with 12 bighorns from the Devil's Canyon area above Lovell released Jan. 3, 2010. Hurley said the sheep released last year are doing well and at least a dozen lambs were documented this spring from last winter's transplant.

Oregon Controlled Hunt Applicants Can Win Sports Pac

Apply for a controlled hunt by Jan. 31 and you will be entered into a drawing to win one of 50 2012 Sports Pacs (a $164.75 value).

For the second year, ODFW is awarding a total of 100 Sports Pacs to Oregon resident hunters among those that apply for and are issued a fall big game controlled hunt application before April 15. (Non-residents that apply early and are selected in the drawing will win a hunting license, a $140.50 value.)