Oregon Hunting News

Dungeness Crab Season Opens Dec. 15 Along Most of Oregon’s Coast

Dungeness crab is back on the menu for holiday feasts as commercial crabbing opens Dec. 15 along most of the Oregon coast.

Fishery managers made the decision today to open the ocean to crabbing along the Oregon coast from the Columbia River to just north of Gold Beach (42°26'00" N. Lat.). The ocean commercial Dungeness crab season in Oregon normally opens Dec. 1, but was delayed this year because crab did not meet minimum pre-season quality testing.

Idaho Agencies to Radio-collar Bighorn Sheep in Hells Canyon

The Idaho, Oregon and Washington fish and wildlife agencies plan to capture 28 bighorn sheep in four Hells Canyon herds November 28 - 30 as part of the ongoing Hells Canyon Initiative to restore bighorn sheep populations.

The sheep will be captured by netgunning from a helicopter and brought to a processing site near the capture location. Biologists will take health samples, radio-collar the sheep and release them on site.

Pelicans Face New Threat on Oregon Coast: Junk Food

One of the most distinctive birds on the Oregon coast is the brown pelican, with its famous large throat pouch and gregarious personality.

Until 2009, these unusual aquatic birds were listed for protection under the federal Endangered Species List after their populations suffered from the ill effects of the pesticide DDT. Though brown pelicans have made a comeback since DDT was banned in 1972, they now face another challenge: junk food.

Oregon DFW and BPA to Award $2.5 Million for Wildlife Conservation Acquisitions and Easements

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has recommended seven projects to the Bonneville Power Administration for funding in 2012 under terms of the Willamette River Basin Memorandum of Agreement regarding wildlife habitat protection and enhancement. All projects meet the requirements of protecting and/or acquiring wildlife mitigation habitats in the Willamette Valley. Five of the projects are within key Conservation Opportunity Areas as identified in the Oregon Conservation Strategy.

New Wolf Pack in Snake River Unit; Walla Walla Wolf Collared in Oregon

A new wolf pack is using the Snake River wildlife management unit of northeast Oregon, which borders Idaho and includes the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area and Wilderness.

Oregon DFW to Treat Two Local Water Bodies to Remove Unwanted Bass, Bullhead, Bluegill

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will treat Stateline Reservoir and a Summit-area rock pit on Oct. 28 to remove unwanted fish species.

Stateline Reservoir, 15 mile north of Hines, will be treated with rotenone to remove illegally introduced bluegill and brown bullhead and restore a popular rainbow trout fishery. Rotenone is a plant base fish toxicant. The reservoir will be restocked with rainbow trout next spring. Normally, ODFW stocks the reservoir with fingerlings but next year legal-sized fish will be included to restart the fishery.

Free Presentation on Wolverines in Oregon on November 9 in Portland, Oregon

The Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation invites you to learn about wolverines in Oregon through a free lecture by Dr. Audrey Magoun on Wednesday, November 9 at 6:00 p.m. in Portland.

Hunters Can Access 33,000 New Acres of Private Land in Eastern Oregon

ODFW’s Access and Habitat Program has made cooperative agreements with six landowners to open another 33,233 acres of private lands in eastern Oregon to public hunting access.

Pups for Walla Walla Wolf Pack in Oregon

The Walla Walla wolf pack of northern Umatilla County had pups this year, trail camera footage shows.

Two Imnaha Pack Wolves to be Killed After Another Confirmed Livestock Loss in Oregon

ODFW staff will kill two wolves from the Imnaha pack after confirming they were involved in another livestock loss.

The two wolves that will be targeted are the alpha male and an uncollared wolf in the pack. Data from the alpha male’s GPS collar confirm he was at the scene where the calf was killed earlier this week.