Oregon Hunters: Return Black-tailed Deer Teeth

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Hunters that are successful in their Western Oregon deer hunt are asked to return a deer tooth to ODFW. The tooth indicates the black-tailed deer’s age, data that is used in population modeling efforts.

Hunters need to remove one of the two middle incisor teeth and mail it to ODFW’s Wildlife Population Lab. Postage paid envelopes are available at ODFW offices and license sales agents.

Directions on how to remove a middle incisor tooth are included on the tooth envelope or can be found online.

If you can’t pick up an ODFW envelope, mail the tooth to: ODFW, Wildlife Population Laboratory, 7118 NE Vandenberg Ave., Corvallis, OR 97330.

Include the following information with the tooth: Your name and address, sex and species of animal (e.g. buck deer), date harvested, Wildlife Management Unit or Hunt where harvested, number of antler points on one side, plus drainage or nearby landmark where harvested if possible.

Hunters who submit a useable tooth will receive a postcard indicating the age of their deer. It usually takes about nine months for hunters to receive this postcard.

Black-tailed deer are generally found west of the Cascades. Unlike mule deer found east of the Cascades, black-tailed buck deer are rifle hunted under a general season structure, meaning anyone can purchase a tag.

Western Oregon rifle buck deer season opens Oct. 1. Last year, more than 79,000 people hunted this season and harvested nearly 13,000 deer.

Hunters with controlled (limited-entry) Western Oregon deer tags or archery tags are also asked to return a black-tailed deer tooth.

Hunters are also reminded that the deadline to purchase a tag is the day before the hunt begins, or Sept. 30 for a Western Oregon general season deer tag.


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Wade, they have been doing

Wade, they have been doing this for a couple years now, Its primarily to help determine how many deer there are in the santiam unit, its a big unit with very steep terrain and very dence cover. they beleave theres a lot of deer but the Biologist can get a deffinate number. Also to determine how old the deer are and if there breeding. As far as people taking the time getting the envolpes, we get them when we buy a licence or tag, the sales rep will physicaly put it in you hand and tell you that you need to pull the tooth and send it in, right now its voluntary but The ODFW is gonna make it mandatory if the percentage of people they want sample from dont return the teeth. when that happens there will be penalties to those that dont send it in. I really only takes 30 seconds and a leathermans to pull it out, its reall easy., theres even a diagram on the envalope. If i ever can drop a deer with my bow I'll send it in, I'll do my part to help the deer herds here in Oregon.

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Interesting that they are

Interesting that they are doing this. I wonder how many guys take the time to get the envelope and actually mail the tooth in. I would have one ready as long as there's no cost just out of curiosity about the age of my deer and any other information they provide. Many years ago the DOW here mailed me an envelope and a vial to actually take a blood sample for a cow elk tag I had in the late season for unit 35. I don't remember for sure if they asked for a tooth as well but I think they did. I never did kill an elk that year so I never got the chance to send it in anyway.