Oregon Controlled Hunt Apps Due May 15th

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Hunters are reminded that the deadline to submit a controlled hunt application to local license agents or to ODFW is May 15.

Mail order applications to ODFW Licensing, 3406 Cherry Ave. NE, Salem, OR 97303 must be postmarked by May 15 and fax orders to (503) 947-6117 (or 6113) must be received by 11:59 p.m. PT May 15.

ODFW limits the number of hunters for particular hunts to improve game management and enhance the hunting experience. Hunters must apply for tags for these "controlled" hunts in the spring. A random computer drawing occurs in June and hunters are notified by June 20 if they are successful.

Specific tag proposals will be available online by April 30, when ODFW's annual big game public meetings begin. In general, elk tag numbers will be proposed to be similar to last year while mule deer and pronghorn tag proposals will be down slightly due to poor fawn recruitment

As of April 21, ODFW has received 82,986 applications but anticipates over 400,000 by the deadline. Get your application in early advises ODFW License Services Manager DeAnna Erickson. "The earlier you get your application in, the more time ODFW staff has to fix any errors—and you'll avoid the huge rush in mid-May," she said. Last year, 64,561 applications were processed on May 15.

Below is a list of controlled hunt mistakes Erickson and other licensing staff see commonly made by hunters:

  • * Getting personal information wrong. Double-check your name, birth date, phone number, address, and Hunter/Angler I.D. number.
  • * Choosing the wrong hunt. Hunt numbers can change. Double-check your hunt number with current regulations so there is no risk of losing hard-won preference points. Don’t rely on store clerks or hunting buddies for this information.
  • * Not including correct daytime tel. information. ODFW needs your current phone number so we can get in touch if there is a problem.
  • * Getting party details wrong. ODFW's new POS system should make party applications easier because once one member applies, the system can access that information as other party members apply. Be careful not to exceed party size on your application—for example, for pronghorn antelope hunts the maximum party size is two.
  • * Faxing in multiple applications. Not only does this confuse ODFW staff but your credit card could be charged multiple times, which takes time to correct. Avoid the last minute and you won't face a busy fax machine that doesn't provide a confirmation.
  • * Writing illegibly. Mail order applicants need to write neatly and legibly to ensure their applications are processed correctly.
  • * Waiting until the last minute to apply at POS locations. While ODFW's point-of-sale system no longer shuts down at 11 p.m., many stores close well before that hour. Even stores open 24 hours may not have staff available to do license sales at odd hours. Stores have also been known to stop accepting customers because of long lines on deadline day. Get your application in well before the deadline to avoid this problem.

For more information on controlled hunt applications, contact ODFW’s licensing division at (503) 947-6100.