Orange Required During Firearms Deer Season

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The Kansas firearms deer season is in full swing, and the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks reminds all deer hunters that from Dec. 3-14, hunter orange clothing is required by law.

All firearms deer hunters and persons assisting firearms deer hunters must wear hunter orange during the season. Firearms deer permit holders who prefer to use a bow during this season must also wear orange. (Statewide archery permits may not be used during the firearms season.) A minimum of 200 square inches of orange, 100 that is visible from the front and 100 that is visible from the back, is required. A hunter orange hat is also required.

While upland game and other hunters are not required to wear orange, it is highly recommended at all times, especially during the firearms deer season. This holds true for anyone afield during the firearms season.

Other safety tips for firearms deer hunters include the following:

1. be sure of your target and what lies beyond it;

2. treat every firearm as if it were loaded;

3. always point your muzzle in a safe direction;

4. never transport loaded firearms in a vehicle; and

5. never shoot from a vehicle -- it is dangerous and illegal unless you have a disability permit.

While not a safety issue, hunters should be aware that mortally wounded deer often run several hundred yards before falling dead. These distances can be covered in a matter of seconds, and to the hunter it may appear that the animal has not been hit. Every deer shot at should be tracked. Not only is this a matter of hunter ethics, it often results in a filled tag.