Optics and Patience are the Keys to Locating Javelina

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A wet winter and resulting green-up mean javelina hunters will want to modify their hunt strategies this year, says Arizona Game and Fish Department biologists.

"Expect javelina to be more dispersed due to the green-up and water availability this year," says Big Game Supervisor Brian Wakeling. "In the long term, the green-up is good for javelina. In the short term, it makes finding them more difficult. Plan to wear out your eyeballs, not your shoe leather. Optics will be the key."

During mild weather, expect to find javelina on south-facing slopes that have good forage. "The green background may actually result in javelina standing out more, but don't count on it. Plan to use your binoculars and spotting scopes a lot this year," Wakeling suggests.

During inclement weather, javelina will hold in thick cover. "Javelina do not have thick fur: they are not cold tolerant. If it's cold or the weather is bad, try hunting the bottomlands. The best place to start is where you can find the thickest, nastiest brush around," Wakeling suggests.

The archery javelina season closes on Jan. 31. The Juniors-Only Javelina Season is Feb. 4-10. The Handgun, Archery, and Muzzleloader Season is Feb. 11-17. The General Javelina Season is Feb. 18-24 in most units.