Ontario Successfully Restores Elk to Bancroft Region

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Ontario and its partners have restored the elk population to the province.

The once endangered elk has made a come back and the elk population continues to grow at a healthy rate in the Bancroft region since being reintroduced ten years ago.

The Bancroft elk population is even healthy enough to support the first elk hunt in more than a century this upcoming September. The hunt will help manage the population in this area, and will be carefully harmonized to continue to ensure a long-term sustainable elk population.

This is part of the government's Open Ontario plan to support the region's economy and environment.


hunter25's picture

I have read many stories

I have read many stories about elk hunting in Canada lately but they still surprise me as it is not a place I think of when the talk of great places to hunt elk comes up. Having a huntable population after only ten years of reintroduction is a great success story in my opinion. It says that it has been more than one hundred years since there have been any to hunt in this region so it will be a great opportunity for those that draw the tags. It does not say how big the herd is or how many tags are being offered but I would bet that it's not very many yet.

Maybe in the far future a person would be able to consider a black bear elk combo hunt when headed to the north country. that would sure be different for Ontario. I have thought about going up there for bear for a long time now but ever since they put an end to the spring hunts I'm not sure if it's the place to go anymore.