Ontario Requests Public Opinion on Wild Turkeys

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The government is seeking public comment on proposed changes to a wild turkey management plan and the expansion of wild turkey hunting opportunities.

For the first time, a fall hunt is proposed in several areas of the province. An open spring turkey season is also proposed in three new areas of central Ontario.

"Wild turkeys are an important part of Ontario's biodiversity, and they have been successfully restored to suitable habitats across the province," said Natural Resources Minister Donna Cansfield. "The tremendous success of the wild turkey restoration program also means that we have the chance to offer hunters increased hunting opportunities."

Wild turkey populations in Ontario have rebounded and are healthy some 25 years after being reintroduced in the province. In 1984, Ontario undertook efforts to bring back populations of this bird. The estimated provincial population of turkeys was greater than 70,000 birds in 2007.

The proposed changes to wild turkey management are available on the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry at ontario.ca/environmentalregistry, Registry Numbers 010-2424 and 010-2429.