Oklahoma Ranks Second in Hunter Growth

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Hunting is a safe and growing sport in Oklahoma, so much that the state ranks second in the country according to a recent report published by a trio of national conservation organizations.

Oklahoma ranks second only to Missouri in hunter replacement ratio, according to the “Families Afield” report published by the National Wild Turkey Federation, the U.S. Sportsman’s Alliance and the National Shooting Sports Foundation. This ratio represents those entering the sport versus those leaving it. Oklahoma has a 1.1 hunter replacement ratio, meaning that for every 100 individuals who stop hunting, there are 110 new hunters that take up the sport. The national average hunter replacement ratio is .69 and neighboring states of Texas, Kansas and Arkansas rank 21, 23 and 43 respectively.

“I think this really speaks to the value Oklahomans place on our hunting traditions and it also reflects well on the diverse and healthy game populations we enjoy,” said Greg Duffy, director of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. “It’s great to be in second place, but we’re not satisfied there. We are going to continue to work hard to share the hunting heritage with new generations of outdoor enthusiasts.”

According to the report, hunting is safer than many other popular activities including basketball, baseball, cheerleading, tennis, aerobics and volleyball, When an adult supervises youth hunters they are especially safe. Only .0001 percent of these hunters reported injuries according to the report.