Oklahoma License Holders Get Extra Benefit

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Field, Forest and Stream: The History of Oklahomans and the Outdoors opened in April at the Oklahoma History Center, and since then many sportsmen have visited the one-of-a-kind exhibit that showcases the state's longstanding outdoor traditions. And now there is even more reason for sportsmen to take this unique opportunity to learn about Oklahoma's outdoor heritage because any visitors who present a current Oklahoma hunting or fishing license will receive $1 off their admission.

In April 2008, the Oklahoma Historical Society opened the Oklahoma History Center's Field, Forest and Stream, which includes over 2,000 square feet of exhibition. The exhibit includes historic artifacts, images and photography, audio-visual elements and hands-on interaction relating to the outdoors in Oklahoma.

Guests will find features in the Field, Forest & Stream exhibit such as taxidermy dioramas and an interactive hunting blind, as well a feature where more adventurous guests can experience the sensation of catfish noodling firsthand through a simulator. Additionally, visitors have an opportunity to sit and listen to camp stories told by historic Oklahoma figures.

Field, Forest, & Stream: The History of Oklahomans and the Outdoors is made possible through the support and participation of individuals, groups, and businesses such as the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, outdoor television producer Don Wallace and the producers of the On the Water In the Woods television show. Additionally, the Wildlife Department and the Oklahoma Museum of History at the Oklahoma History Center called on the people of Oklahoma for donations of historical artifacts, documents, and images related to hunting, fishing, camping, bird watching, wildlife photography, and all other outdoor activities in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma History Center is located just east of the State Capitol in Oklahoma City. For more information call (405) 522-0765 or visit okhistorycenter.org.

Sportsman can use their current hunting and fishing licenses to save money in the Tulsa area as well. Visitors to the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks who present a current Oklahoma hunting or fishing license upon arrival receive $2 off admission. The Aquarium houses over 200 exhibits consisting of both salt and freshwater fish, including a state record blue catfish that you can see up close.

Over the last five years, the Oklahoma Aquarium has welcomed about 2 million visitors, and approximately 1/3 of its guests come from out of state. Additionally, the Aquarium has led to an estimated $100 million in tourism for Oklahoma and has educated more than 100,000 pre-K to graduate level students through organized field trips, internships and other structured programs.

Visitors to the Oklahoma Aquarium can learn about the biodiversity and adaptation of many different species. The Oklahoma Aquarium also includes visual opportunities, such as the Hayes Family Ozark Streams exhibit. It features Oklahoma fish such as smallmouth bass and sunfish as well as the aquarium's first mammals, including beavers, raccoons and river otters. The unique design of the exhibit allows guests to come nose to nose with the animals, separated only by glass. Hand-carved concrete mimics the rocky cliffs of northeastern Oklahoma at the foot of the Ozarks, and a crashing waterfall adds to the ambience. Even the lighting and temperature contribute to the environment. This exhibit gives visitors to the already popular Oklahoma Aquarium a chance to learn about stream ecology and the importance of protecting Oklahoma's native scenic waters. Other exhibits include the Karl and Beverly White Fishing and Tackle Museum, which showcases antique tackle and fishing gear; the Fishes of Oklahoma exhibit, offering the opportunity to see a state record blue catfish, seven-foot-long gars and an alligator snapping turtle that is more than 120 years old; and the Ray & Robin Siegfried Families Shark Adventure, which has a walk-through tunnel and dome that allows you to see the largest bull sharks in captivity swimming alongside you and even right over your head.

For additional information about the Oklahoma Aquarium and how you can plan your visit, log on to okaquarium.org or call (918) 296-3474.