Oklahoma Controlled Hunt Applications Online

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Offering once-in-a-lifetime elk and antelope hunts, highly sought-after buck hunts, and a range of other quality deer, turkey, quail and coon hunts, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's controlled hunts program is a valuable resource for sportsmen, and now is the time for hunters to submit applications.

The online application process takes just a few minutes and must be completed through the Wildlife Department's website at wildlifedepartment.com. The cost is $5, and applicants have until May 15 to apply.

"For just $5, you can get drawn for a bull elk hunt in Oklahoma's rugged Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge," said Melinda Sturgess-Streich, assistant director of administration and finance for the Wildlife Department. "The same $5 can put your name in the hat for an antelope hunt in the Panhandle, a deer hunt in some of the best habitat in the state, or even a unique gobbler hunt. You just can't beat this opportunity."

The controlled hunts program offers a wide variety of highly desirable hunts through a random drawing. Opportunities offered through the program include hunts on Department or other government-owned or managed lands where unrestricted hunting would pose safety concerns or where overharvest might occur.

All applicants, including lifetime license holders, must pay the $5 application fee to enter the controlled hunts drawings. The fee is paid only once per person per year regardless of the number of categorie entered.

Applications are offered online through a secure process that only accepts applications once they have been filed correctly, and a print-out confirmation page is available for sportsmen to document their submitted application.

For complete application instructions, including tips on enhancing your chances of being selected as well as a full listing of available hunts for elk, deer, antelope, turkey, quail and raccoon, log on to www.wildlifedepartment.com/controlhunt.htm"


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Looks like a pretty good

Looks like a pretty good system like most of the other on line sites we use now. Sure a lot easier and foolproof than the old way we used to do it. I didn't know that Oklahoma even offered non resident antelope tags until reading this. I'd like to apply but need to learn a little more first. Looks like they are one of the states that makes you buy a hunting license for small game before they will let you into the draw. In one place it says you do and in another it says you don't but I'm pretty sure that's the way it works. They offer 5 day license that qualifies but it's half the cost of the annual permit at 75 dollars so it's still pretty steep for the slim draw odds you get unless you have plans to hunt something else down there anyway.