Ohio's Young Hunters Get Results During Special Two-Day Deer Hunt

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Young hunters across Ohio enjoyed success during the eighth annual Youth Deer-Gun Season, held Saturday and Sunday, November 19-20, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Wildlife. 
Hunters aged 17 and under, harvested 8,681 deer during the special two-day season, as compared to 8,445 last year. Counties reporting the greatest number of deer killed were Tuscarawas-321, Guernsey-316, Coshocton-287, Muskingum-277, Holmes-275, Licking-248, Harrison-227, Knox-214, Belmont-207, and Washington-195.
The Division of Wildlife estimated 60,000 young hunters took to the state's fields and forests during the two-day season, which provides a high-quality hunting experience for younger Ohioans.
The youth deer-gun season was open in all 88 counties. All participants were required to wear hunter orange, possess a valid Ohio hunting license and deer permit, and be accompanied by a non-hunting adult.
The youth deer-gun season is one of four special youth-only hunting seasons designed to offer a safe and excellent early hunting experience for young hunters. Special days are also set aside for upland game, wild turkey, and waterfowl hunting opportunities.
Youngsters and all other hunters will have a chance at taking a whitetail during next week's statewide deer-gun season, which runs Monday through Sunday, November 28-December 4.
Details on youth hunting opportunities and all Ohio deer hunting seasons can be found in the 2011-2012 Ohio Hunting Regulations, available where licenses are sold. It can also be viewed online at wildohio.com.


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Along with all the other

Along with all the other states that are posting the results of their respective youth seasons, Ohio seems to be falling right in line.  Some great stories of success, and lots of happy kids. I am sure they would like the actual harvest rate to be a little higher, but I don't necessarliy think that a kill translates into "success".

To me, if you get a young kid into the field, show them a good time, maybe see some deer, and get them wanting to go out again, then you have had a 'successful" hunt.  Sure, actually shooting one would be great, as a way to wet their whistle, so to speak, but you can never get to 100%. Make the most of it, and hopefully grow our ranks in the future!


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  Only a 14% success rate but


Only a 14% success rate but with the weather Ohio had on these two days - windy and rain respectively I guess the 200 deer increase in harvest compared to last year is a good sign of things to come starting tomorrow with the gun season there.  I too am a strong proponent of these youth only seasons as it definitely generates more enthusiasm and eventually successful harvests.  While 14% looks low these same youth will also have an opporturnity during the regular season and I would be very interested in knowing the overall youth success rate afterwards.

I spoke to my brother tonight who is down at the farm (weather is rainy and supposed to be the same for the next couple of days) and he and my Dad have the entire 200 acres all to themselves.  They have seen a bunch of large bucks.  Good luck was wished to them and the same to all of the Ohio Youth and Adult deer hunters.


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Overall it sounds like the

Overall it sounds like the kids had a pretty good early hunt as thats a lot of deer being taken. the success isn't as high as I would have hoped or thought but it's still pretty good. I really like the states like Ohio that give the kids a early start or a hunt of thier own with no adult competition. Hopefully we will see the results of the other youth hunts like the muzzleloader one coming up later.