Ohio Man to Pay Nearly $28,000 in Restitution for Poaching

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A Huron County man was found guilty of the illegal harvest of a deer that was taken in November of 2010. Arlie Risner, 58, of Bellevue pled no contest and was found guilty in the Norwalk Municipal Court, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife.

Following a tip from a concerned hunter, Huron Wildlife Officer Josh Zientek and Wildlife Investigator Jeff Collingwood investigated the incident and followed the case to its conclusion. Risner had poached the massive deer from a property that he did not have permission to hunt on. The deer scored an incredible 228 6/8.

Risner plead no contest in the Norwalk Municipal Court and was found guilty of hunting without permission. He was fined $200.00 and had his hunting rights suspended for one year. Ohio is a member of the Wildlife Violator's Compact with 36 other states. This means that he can not hunt in any of the 36 states in the compact.

The Division of Wildlife is imposing restitution for the deer in the amount of $27,851.33. This is in accordance with Ohio's revised restitution law for the illegal taking of wild animals. The law went into effect March 2008 and allows the Ohio Division of Wildlife to seek an increased recovery value on all illegally harvested wildlife.

To report a hunting violation, contact the ODNR Division of Wildlife Turn-In-A-Poacher (TIP) hotline, 1-800-POACHER (1.800.762.2437). Callers may remain anonymous. Citizens who provide accurate information that result in a criminal wildlife conviction of the guilty party may be eligible for a monetary reward once the case is settled in court.


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Now that is a heck of a fine

Now that is a heck of a fine but as I have said many times that if the punishment is not severe then there is not enough deterrent to stop some of these guys from poaching. It seems that good ethics are just not there anymore and this is what is needed to make people think. This sounds similar to the Sampson law here in Colorado that the penalty goes up with the size of the antlers on the animal poached. There are different reasons here but the fine was increased by a huge amount anyway and the score of the buck he poached is incredible.

Good job on catching another one and making him pay.