October Opens Bargain Season at Kansas State Parks

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Reduced prices, uncrowded conditions make parks attractive in fall and winter
If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure bargain close to home, the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) has a deal for you. The state park off-season runs Oct. 1-March 31, and during this time, you can enjoy parks at reduced prices. Kansas is well into autumn, and many outdoorsmen and women consider this is the best time of year to visit a Kansas state park. Hunters and anglers — and even campers looking for a cool-season adventure — take advantage of these lower prices while relaxing in cool weather and uncrowded conditions.

Hunters and anglers probably use parks more than other visitors during the off-season, and the growing number of cabins in parks makes a stay more inviting — and comfortable. Many cabins provide the amenities of home and proximity to popular outdoor activities. Cabin rental fees vary depending on size, days of the week, and time of year. Visit reserve.ksoutdoors.com for cabin information and reservations.

Standard off-season state park permit fees are as follow:

  • Daily Vehicle permit — $3.70 (senior/disabled, $2.60);
  • Annual Vehicle permit — $19.70 (senior/disabled, $11.10);
  • Daily Camping permit — $7.50; and
  • 14-Day Camping permit — $87.50.

Costs listed include applicable service fees (an online purchase convenience fee is not included). Annual permits purchased in either the off-season or the prime season are valid for the remainder of the calendar year. 2011 permits go on sale Dec. 15.

KDWPT’s Parks Division operates a system of 26 parks. In addition to cabins, most state parks provide utilities and primitive camping and are located adjacent to lakes or reservoirs. Utility fees remain unchanged year-round.

In addition to camping facilities, parks offer boat ramps, courtesy docks, shelter houses, trails, and a variety of other amenities. More information on cabin reservations and state park fees is available at the KDWPT website, www.kdwpt.state.ks.us.


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  Excellent Kansas Park deals


Excellent Kansas Park deals to get more people into the parks during the winter months.  We often take our park visits here in Colorado during these months as the amount of people are far less and you can enjoy the park and wildlife more so. 

I would think the park rate structure is appropriate to the amount of parks.  Kansas has 26.  Colorado has 42.  Colorado daily pass is $7 to $9 per vehicle year round.  A $70 pass is available here for year round - per vehicle.  Camping is $10 for primitive set up.  In comparison the Kansas rates are very appropriate and would expect they do assist in greater numbers of people within their park system.




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This is a good ad for the

This is a good ad for the tourism dept for Kansas. I actually like off season camping and such. My wife and kids not so much. If I go camping in the winter they're solo trips or I go with my brother or friends. The fall is in my opinion the best time to be out in nature. With the leaves changing colors and the wildlife out feeding and getting ready for winter. I like how some parks across the country are building cabins or yerts for late season visitors to stay in. I have my favorite parks and camp grounds I like to stay and visit during winter. Also I like to camp in the National Forrest out in the middle of no where away from camp grounds. It's nice that prices drop during this time of year too. It makes it more economical for families to get out there. Good article or ad for the Parks service.