Nunavut Furs Sell for Record High Prices at Auction

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Nunavut furs set record-high prices at Fur Harvesters Auction Inc.’s January 7 sale. Polar bear, wolf, wolverine, arctic fox and ringed seal pelts from Nunavut were offered for sale alongside fur from elsewhere in Canada and North America.

“We are extremely pleased with the record high prices obtained by Nunavut furs at this recent auction,” said the Honorable James Arreak, Minister of Environment. “Income from sealskin and fur sales goes directly into the pockets of hunters and trappers and allows Nunavummiut to continue traditional harvesting activities.”

Polar bear pelts from Nunavut sold for an average price of $5,164 with the top selling bear hide bringing $12,400. Arctic wolf pelts sold for an average price of $402, with the top selling wolf pelt going for $920. Arctic fox pelts sold for an average of $100, with the highest quality pelts selling for $200. The prices obtained for these three species are the highest ever seen in Canada. The Department of Environment Fur Pricing Program offers Nunavummiut advance payments and free shipping for sealskins and furs to the auction house. This program is offered through the Wildlife Offices in every community.

Prices for Nunavut ringed sealskins remain relatively low due to the European Union Seal Ban and current trends in the fur fashion industry; however, sealskins continue to sell at auction and are made available to residents of Nunavut through the Dressed Sealskins for Nunavummiut Program. The Department of Environment continues to purchase sealskins in support of hunters, as it has in past years.