NRC Approves 2005 Antlerless Deer Quotas

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The Natural Resources Commission has approved the 2005 antlerless deer season quotas. In some Deer Management Units (DMU) these quotas are smaller in size than the 2004 quotas, Department of Natural Resources wildlife officials said.

A total of 666,800 antlerless deer licenses will be available, which is a decrease from the 715,700 available in 2004. The reduced number of antlerless deer licenses reflects the smaller deer herd in the Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan.

"Setting antlerless deer quotas is a strategic tool in managing the deer herd," said Rodney Clute, DNR big-game specialist. "Antlerless quotas are lowered in some DMUs because we are satisfied that the herd is near goal or because we feel that the herd may have dropped below goal and we want to let the population expand."

In the UP, the number of antlerless licenses has been decreased to 47,800 compared to 60,100 in 2004. There will be 41,600 fewer antlerless licenses available in Northern Michigan than were in 2004. Antlerless licenses will not be available in Lake and Wexford counties in 2005.

The deer herd in southern Michigan remains above desired levels, therefore the number of antlerless licenses available will be similar to 2004.