Nova Scotia Investigates Moose Poaching

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Department of Natural Resources conservation officers are asking for the public's help to solve the illegal killing of an endangered mainland moose in Colchester County.

The mainland moose was killed in the Farm Lake area north of Debert, Colchester Co., around September 15th.

In October 2003, moose on mainland Nova Scotia were listed as "endangered" under the Nova Scotia Endangered Species Act. Under terms of the act, individuals convicted of illegally killing the animal can face a $7,500 fine, 20-year hunting suspension and confiscation of all hunting equipment related to the offence.

Today, there are about 1,000 moose on mainland Nova Scotia.

The Department of Natural Resources is working hard to enhance the population and distribution of mainland moose, but this task becomes increasingly difficult when poachers continue to take the lives of these rare animals.

All Nova Scotians can help preserve mainland moose by reporting moose sightings and illegal activities such as poaching.

Please call 1-800-565-2224 with any information on this incident or others. Any information leading to a conviction may result in a cash reward.