North Dakota Muzzleloader Season Opens Nov. 25

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North Dakota’s muzzleloader deer season opens at noon Friday, Nov. 25 and continues through Dec. 11. Hunters with a lottery muzzleloader license can hunt white-tailed deer statewide.

In addition, unfilled second, third or other concurrent season any-antlerless, antlerless whitetail or antlerless mule deer licenses are still valid, but only in the unit to which the license is assigned. Hunters with these licenses must use a muzzleloader and hunt only the species printed on the license.


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  North Dakota was another


North Dakota was another state reporting decreases in deer (whitetail) population due to disease and the harsh weather taking its toll on both deer species.  Non-resident hunter licensing may be adversely affecting revenue as well.  I am certain other states will be coming up with alternatives to gain more hunting opportunities to generate or replace lost revenue.  As for muzzleloader season I wil be trying my luck in 2012 here in Colorado before I venture out to another state.  Overall good for North Dakota hunters to have this muzzleloader possibility.


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I'm always looking for more

I'm always looking for more opportunity and this looks like it could be a good one. A late season would be exactley what I'm looking for to not interfere with my colorado or Texas hunts. I have been watching the late Nebraska muzzleloader season and wil now have to check this one out as well to see what they allow and all the rules. I have lots of plans I just need to find the time and money to get them all taken care of.