North Dakota Game and Fish Encourages Hunters to Donate Deer

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With the special antlerless deer season in southwestern North Dakota opening Sept. 23, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department is encouraging deer hunters to consider donating a deer to the Sportsman Against Hunger program.

SAH is a charitable program that raises money for processing of donated deer, and coordinates distribution of ground venison to food pantries in North Dakota. It is administered by the North Dakota Community Action Partnership, a nonprofit agency that serves low-income families across the state.

This year, in addition to archery season opening Sept. 2, an early antlerless deer gun season runs Sept. 23 - Oct. 7 in units 3E1, 3E2, 3F1, 3F2 and 4F. “We strongly support the donation program and hope that deer hunters will do the same, not only during the early seasons, but the regular deer gun, archery and muzzleloader seasons,” Game and Fish Director Terry Steinwand said.

“We have enough funding for the program to grow this year,” said Ann Pollert, NDCAP executive director, “and our food pantries tell us they have a demand for all the venison we can provide them.”

A current statewide list of participating SAH venison donation processing sites is available by accessing the NDCAP website,

As of Sept. 19, all units open during the early season, except 3E2, still had antlerless licenses available.


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  SAH and FHFH are two great


SAH and FHFH are two great organizations that provide venison meat to the hungry.  Many states develop and provide funding for the processing of wild game animals for these programs.  These are excellent means for the hunter who has already filled their freezer but still has harvest ed more animals.

I have already looked up a local wild game meat processor who is involved with the local chapeter of the  My next big game animal will be processed there with some of the meat being donated to this cause.

I suggest more hunters with the ability to donate some of their meat to known local families in need or look up the nearest sponsored meat processor.