North Dakota Bighorn Sheep, Elk, and Moose Seasons Set

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Additional elk and moose hunting opportunities highlight the 2007 special big game seasons, according to Randy Kreil, wildlife chief for the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

Applications will be available the middle of this week. The deadline for submitting applications is March 21.

A total of 261 elk licenses are available, an increase of 20 from last year. More licenses will be available again this year for Unit E3, Kreil said, in an attempt to reduce the number of elk outside Theodore Roosevelt National Park. "Units E3 and E4 will have a second open period in October," he added. "In 2006, elk harvest increased significantly because of the increased number of licenses and the additional time to hunt."

Bow season dates for units E1 and E2 are Aug. 31 - Sept. 30. Regular season dates are as follows: Unit E3, Aug. 10-26; Unit E4 early, Aug. 10-16, and late, Aug. 17-26; Unit E1, Oct. 5-28 and Nov. 30 - Dec. 9; and Unit E2, Oct. 5-28 and Nov. 16 - Dec. 16. The second open period for units E3 and E4 is Oct. 5-28.

A total of 147 moose licenses are available in 2007, an increase of 18 from last year. Units M9 and M10 have been expanded to include areas where moose numbers have increased. However, Unit M1C will remain closed due to a continued moose population decline in the northeastern portion of the state.

Bow season dates for all moose units are Aug. 31 - Sept. 30. Regular season dates for units M4, M8, M9 and M10 are Oct. 5-28. Regular season dates for units M5 and M6 are Nov. 23 - Dec. 16.

Six bighorn sheep licenses are available in four units, the same as last year. One license is available in units B1, B2 and B3; two in Unit B4; and one license auctioned through the Minnesota-Wisconsin Chapter of the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep.

In an effort to increase the harvest of older rams, opening day has been moved back on the calendar two weeks in order to coincide with the rut, Kreil said. Bighorn sheep regular season dates run from Oct. 12-28, with bow season from Oct. 5-28.

Bighorn sheep, moose, and elk lottery licenses are issued on an once-in-a-lifetime basis in North Dakota. Persons who have received a license through the lottery in the past are not eligible to apply for that species again.