North Dakota 3F2 Deer Hunters Reminded of Regulations

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Hunters with a deer license in unit 3F2 are reminded of preventive measures intended to reduce the likelihood of spreading chronic wasting disease within North Dakota.

Hunters harvesting a big game animal cannot transport a carcass containing the head and spinal column outside of the unit unless it’s taken directly to a meat processor. However, the head can be removed from the carcass and transported outside of the unit if it is to be submitted to a CWD surveillance drop-off location or a licensed taxidermist.

In addition to carcass transportation guidelines, hunting big game over bait is prohibited in unit 3F2.

Bait includes grain, seed, mineral, salt, fruit, vegetable nut, hay or any other natural or manufactured food placed by an individual. Bait does not include agricultural practices, gardens, wildlife food plots, agricultural crops, livestock feeds, fruit or vegetables in their natural location such as apples on or under an apple tree, or unharvested food or vegetables in a garden.


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  So you either have to


So you either have to remove the head and spinal column before transporting your animal out of the unit or you take it to the local processor within the same unit.  Two choices.  The local processors will most likely get more business because of this.  Not a bad thing.  Or you do more de-boning out in the field... and that is not a bad thing either.


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It looks like North Dakota is

It looks like North Dakota is taking the CWD threat very seriously.with these new regulations. I'm sure glad I don't have to go through all that trouble with the heads of the game animals I take yet as it is very common to pass through one or two units in the way home with my animals. Usually but not always the heads have been removed so it would really slow things down in obeying the law.