North Carolina WRC Makes Comments Public Record

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Comments received on 83 proposed hunting, trapping and inland fishing regulations became part of the official record of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, presented to Wildlife Commissioners and made available to the public at

After reviewing the more-than 40,000 comments, the 19-member governing board will meet on March 4 and vote on adoption. Some of the proposals apply only to one county or region, while others apply statewide. Approved proposals will take effect July 1, 2009.

Comments were gathered at nine public hearings held across the state in January, as well as online and mailed comments accepted through Jan. 31.

"The agency had a tremendous response to the proposals this year and I would like to thank all members of the public who took the time and effort to be a part of the process," said Gordon Myers, executive director of N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. "That input is critical in helping the Commission make decisions that best conserve our wildlife resources. Wildlife Commissioners will include all public comments in their deliberations before making final regulations decisions at the March meeting."

North Carolina General Statutes charge the Commission with stewardship of all state wildlife resources. Through hunting, fishing, and trapping regulations, the Commission works to conserve and sustain these resources and to provide more opportunities for hunting and fishing, promote hunter recruitment and retention and enhance sportsmen's experience in the field.