North Carolina Wildlife Commission Schedules Public Hearing on Feral Hogs Trapping Proposal

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The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will hold a public hearing on Nov. 7 to receive comments on proposed temporary rules that will allow the trapping of feral hogs with no closed season and no bag limits.

The hearing will begin at 7 p.m. in the auditorium of the Centennial Campus Center for Wildlife Education, which is located at 1751 Varsity Drive in Raleigh.

If adopted, the temporary rules will go into effect Dec. 29. Permanent rules may be adopted at a later date.

Under the new rules, trappers must have a free, Commission-issued permit in addition to a hunting or trapping license, and feral hogs may be live-trapped using traps constructed in such a way that a non-target animal can be released easily or escape without harm.

The new rules also require trappers to place permit numbers on all traps. Feral swine must be euthanized while in the trap and may not be removed alive from any trap.

Under current rules, feral swine may be trapped only under a depredation permit, which requires an economic justification, threat to human safety or documented overabundance.


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  I have to agree that this


I have to agree that this is one very good step towards controlling and closer to eliminating the feral hog population within North Carolina.  The new temporary rule allows greater ability to eliminate these feral hogs within any area as long as any non-feral animal can be allowed to be set free unharmed.  The great thing about this temporary rule is that it costs no more than the existing hunting and trapping license.  You just have to secure the free permit involved.

The article is not specific but the next move would be to create an open firearm and bow season on these animals year round.  That would be a real game changing move within their regulations and have more of a controlling and eliminating affect.

I like the move NC has made here.  More states with the same beginnings of a feral hog issue have to create the open seasons and trapping allowances to remove this pest of an animal from existance.



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This sounds like a good rule.

This sounds like a good rule. So many states in the east and south have a huge pig problem However they do little to fix the problem. This sounds like it would help things out alot. If the permits and everything are free it will entice trappers to get out there and trap animals. I like how the rule also states  that pigs cannot be removed from the trap alive. And how there will be no closed season. Thats how it is in Oregon. There is no closed season or special tags needed. We don't have a pig problem and we have very few feral hogs in the state. Some state require tags for the animals and there the one complaining of the problem. If they really want the issue to be resolved they would make it easy for peopel to remove the pigs and not make it a rich mans game like everything else is getting to be. Good luck to the folks in NC and I hope this new plan will reduce the number a pigs in the state.