North Dakota Hunting News

Deer Gun Season Questions and Answers
The 2001 deer gun season opens at noon Nov. 9. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department issued a record number of licenses, 106,350, for this fall's season, an increase of 18,000 from last year. Game and fish issued 5,150 mule deer licenses, an increase of 1,500 from 2000. Muzzle-loader permits increased from 1,694 to 2,024. The regular deer gun season runs through Nov. 25.
Spring Mule Deer Survey
Western North Dakota's mule deer population continues to increase, based on observations during the annual spring mule deer survey in April.
2000 Pronghorn Harvest Report
Pronghorn hunters during the 2000 rifle season harvested 1,029 pronghorns, an increase of 386 from 1999, according to data compiled by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.
Bighorn Sheep Auction License Brings $39,000
Lee Anderson of Minneapolis, Minnesota paid $39,000 for North Dakota's bighorn sheep auction license at the March 17 Minnesota-Wisconsin Chapter of the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep annual meeting in Minneapolis. In comparison, last year's license sold for $20,000.
2001 Moose, Elk and Bighorn Sheep Harvest Report
North Dakota's moose, elk and bighorn sheep hunters had a successful 2001 season. Harvest statistics released by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department show overall hunter success was 91 percent for moose, 46 percent for elk and 100 percent for bighorn sheep.