North Carolina Hunting News

Special Youth Waterfowl Hunting Day
The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has established Feb. 1, 2003 as this season's Youth Waterfowl Day. Even though the regular waterfowl season ends on January 25, young hunters have one more chance to bag ducks, coots, mergansers and geese.
Winter Wild Turkey Season Proposed
There is exciting news for hunters eager to see the return of winter turkey hunting in North Carolina. The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has proposed a six-day winter turkey season to begin in 2004.
The Nature Conservancy Transfers Alligator River Property to Wildlife Commission
Since 1985, the North Carolina Chapter of The Nature Conservancy has worked to protect the biologically and economically-rich wetlands along the Alligator River in Dare, Tyrrell and Hyde counties, playing a role in the preservation of 170,000 acres over the last 17 years. Last week that number jumped to 175,000 acres when the Conservancy transferred the 5,401-acre Cedar Ridge property to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC). The WRC will manage this property as the Alligator River Game Land, part of its two million-acre game land program.
Hemorrhagic Disease Strikes Deer Herd
Hunters and citizens in Central and Eastern North Carolina are reporting dead and dying deer in noticeable numbers. The culprit for this deer die-off is hemorrhagic disease, often known as blue tongue or black tongue. Hemorrhagic disease is one of the most important infection diseases of white-tailed deer and outbreaks are seen almost every year somewhere in the Southeast.
Dare County Bombing Range Closed Until Further Notice
As a result of recent terrorist activity and a heightened national security posture, access to the Dare County Bombing and Electronic Combat Range has been limited to official business only. Gates normally opened to allow public access to the range property will remain closed until further notice. [Editor's Note 8/22/02: We have recieved information that the Dare Game Land is now back open for hunting. Please visit this link for a map.]
Treestand Safety
As hunting season begins, hunters will head to the outdoors for what they hope will be a rewarding and safe experience. Many deer hunters will choose to hunt from elevated treestands. When using a treestand, hunters should take the necessary precautions to avoid a fall.