Nonresident Deer and Antelope Licenses Available

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There is still a lot of opportunity for nonresidents to get a 2004 Wyoming buck deer or antelope license.

Nonresident deer licenses are available across the eastern third of the Cowboy State. That includes regions A, B, C, J and T. Many eastern Wyoming antelope areas also have buck licenses available. Although licenses are plentiful, the deer and antelope areas are primarily private land and prospective hunters are urged to have a place lined up to hunt before purchasing a license.

Cow elk licenses are also available, including some areas with good public access.

All licenses are available through the Game and Fish Department’s Cheyenne Office, plus the Sheridan Region Office is selling Region C deer licenses.

Reduced price doe/fawn deer and antelope and cow/calf elk licenses are also available at some license agents across the state.

For more information, call the G&F at (307) 777-4600 or check the G&F web site.