Nonresident Any-Deer Bow Licenses Available

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The North Dakota Game and Fish Department will have 772 any-deer bow licenses available to nonresidents in 2002, up from 547 issued in 2001.

The number of nonresident any-deer bow licenses available is 15 percent of the previous year's mule deer gun license allocation. Game and fish issued 5,150 mule deer licenses in the 2001 deer gun lottery.

The department will begin issuing any-deer bow licenses March 1. All applications received on or before March 1, 2002, will be treated equally. If more applications are received than there are licenses, each application will be assigned a number. Numbers will be drawn to issue the licenses. Applicants who request to apply together as a party will receive one number.

Additional numbers will be drawn to establish a waiting list. If returned licenses become available, these applicants will be offered the licenses.

If licenses remain after March 1, these will be issued daily on a first come, first serve basis.