No Wildlife Management Areas to be Delisted

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Natural Resources Minister Richard Hurlburt announced, May 5, that no wildlife management areas or wildlife sanctuaries will be delisted.

"A majority of the respondents have asked that we leave these areas as they are," said the minister. "As a result, I have concluded the portion of the review that looks at the province's 26 wildlife management areas and sanctuaries which I announced last January, and none of these areas will be delisted."

The final portion of the review that is looking at designating nine new areas will conclude on May 31.

"It is apparent that while the original purposes for many of these sanctuaries and management areas have changed, Nova Scotians are comfortable with these designations," said Mr. Hurlburt. "The review will continue to look at the nine proposed new areas."

Department of Natural Resources wildlife officials will continue to accept public submissions about adding new management areas until May 31.