Newly-Launched Deer Talk Show Welcomes Ted Nugent as its First Guest

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The first edition of the web show Deer Talk Now is set to air at 12 pm CST Wednesday May 16 and every Wednesday at the same time from now on the Deer and Deer Hunting website. Ted Nugent will be the first ever guest to appear on the show to talk about… well, even the producers don’t know what direction Nugent will take this in yet.

Nugent is a long time hunter who first rose to fame though his guitar playing skills. He espouses strong views on hunting, gun rights, politics and everything else in between.

In an interview with the show’s producers, Nugent said, “My critics are mostly jealous because I am my own boss and have created an amazing quality of life for my family and myself through incred­ible hard work and dedication. You find someone who has a prob­lem with me and you are looking at an ignorant, cheap person.”

Nugent says he loves his followers; that they are “the finest Americans there are.” He says he is constantly invited to take terminally ill children out for their last hunts and also go on hunting trips with wounded U.S. military soldiers.

The show is produced by Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine and hosted by Brad Rucks, publisher, and Dan Schmidt, editor of D&DH Magazine. The show plans to feature special guests, questions from viewers and discussions about new hunting gear, habitat, hunting tactics, deer biology, hunter ethics, issues and more.

The second episode to air on Wednesday May 23 will discuss tips for making off-season archery practice fun and other deer hunting issues.

Tune in to the inaugural episode on their site here.

Photo: chascar (flickr)