Newfoundland Labrador Wolf Sightings

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The Department of Natural Resources is warning Labrador City and Wabush residents of recent reports of wolf sightings around the communities.

The department is also advising pet owners in the towns, especially those living adjacent to wooded areas, to protect their animals by keeping them indoors or in confined areas. Wolves have been known to occasionally attack pets such as cats and small-to-medium size dogs, and there have been reports of missing pets in the areas near wolf sightings.

When people encounter a wolf, they should avoid direct eye contact and back away slowly from the animal. The department is asking people who encounter a wolf to report the sighting to their local conservation officers who are on-call 24/7 and prepared to respond immediately.

The officers have set wolf traps in the area and are patrolling the communities daily and nightly.

To report a wolf sighting, please contact the Natural Resources office in Wabush at 709-282-6881 or the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary in Labrador City at 709-944-7602.