Newfoundland Labrador Sunday Hunting Now Legal

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Sunday hunting for the 2008-09 hunting season will be permitted as of November 2 and will continue in all regions of the province until April 30.

"Changes to regulations allowing hunters and trappers to hunt game using a firearm on Sundays were first announced in December 2005," said the Honourable Clyde Jackman, Acting Minister of Environment and Conservation. "Since then, we have had no reports of any conflicts or incidents involving other outdoor users. In fact, many hunters and trappers have expressed that the additional opportunity to pursue their activities on a Sunday has been tremendously beneficial."

Sunday hunting is permitted throughout Newfoundland and Labrador during the specified period each year, provided the season for the game being hunted is open and individuals possess a valid hunting licence. Hunters and trappers must also possess an Outdoor Identification Card which shows that the educational requirements for hunting or trapping in the province have been completed.

"Our wildlife management plan helps ensure sustainable hunting and trapping in our province, and we are also committed to educational opportunities through the various training programs we offer," said Minister Jackman. "All of these measures contribute to the overall hunting experience in the province, and I wish our hunters a safe and enjoyable season."

For more information on hunting laws and regulations, please consult the 2008-09 Hunting and Trapping Guide by visiting our website at Copies of the guide may also be obtained from the Department of Environment and Conservation's Wildlife Division, Department of Natural Resources offices, Government Services Centres or local hunting licence vendors.