Newfoundland Labrador DNR Catches Moose Poachers

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Investigations by conservation officers with the Department of Natural Resources offices in Springdale and Baie Verte have resulted in the conviction of nine hunters for violations under the Wildlife Act.

Two individuals from Fleur De Lys appeared in Provincial Court in Baie Verte on January 5, 2011. The individuals were convicted of applying for a big game licence while under a five-year big game hunting prohibition. One individual was fined $1,000 while the other received a fine of $3,000. Both are prohibited from holding a big game licence for a further five years.

Five individuals from the areas of Pilley’s Island and Triton appeared in Provincial Court at Springdale on January 4, 2011. Each individual was fined $1,000 for illegal possession of big game and is prohibited from holding a big game licence for five years. Four quarters of moose meat were forfeited to the Crown.

As well, two individuals recently appeared in Provincial Court in Springdale. One received a $1,000 fine for transporting untagged moose meat, while the second individual received a $1,000 fine for illegal possession of moose meat. Both hunters are now prohibited from holding a big game licence for five years. Four quarters of moose meat and a firearm were forfeited to the Crown.

The Department of Natural Resources reminds all hunters to familiarize themselves with the legislation governing big game licences. The statutes and regulations can be viewed at

The public is encouraged to report any information on illegal activity harmful to the province's natural resources to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-363-TIPS (8477). For further information on reporting illegal activity, please visit


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Good job to the DNR up there

Good job to the DNR up there for catching these guys as it looks pretty clear that they had illegal moose meat with them. What surprised me was the two guys that got fined just as much for applying for a license whil still on probation. Obviously they had been convicted of something else previously and maybe that was why the fines were as large as they were. I sure get tired of these guys all over that refuse to play by the rules and continue to take the opportunity away from those of us who do.

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Three cheers for the law

Three cheers for the law enforcement people and the judges in Newfoundland! These guys should have been caught and they were. There are so many people who think that they are above the laws, and they have learned how to get a round them. It's very good news that these guys didn't get away with it. Quite frankly, I don't know why they bothered to try to purchase a license; most crooks will just hunt and fish without licenses.

Here in my state I can't figure out how people don't get caught this same way. I read reports of people who are caught violating some hunting law, and when they run their license, it is discovered that they had their privileges revoked and weren't supposed to buy one for 3 or 5 years. I can never figure out why the computer didn't just spit out their request! It doesn't make sense that the computer can't be programmed to reject the request by a person who has had his or her privileges revoked.

Good report. Thanks for sharing!