Newfoundland Labrador Hunting News

Newfoundland Labrador Hunting and Trapping Guide and Big Game License Applications Available Online

The 2012-13 Hunting and Trapping Guide and big game licence applications are now available online at, and print copies will be mailed out at the end of the month to all qualified resident hunters who are eligible for this year’s big game licence draw.

Public Advisory: Polar Bear Sightings Common in Coastal Labrador

Residents of Labrador’s coastal communities are advised to be vigilant given that polar bears are active at this time of the year and may be commonly sighted along the Labrador coast.

George River Caribou Hunting Season Draws to a Close in Labrador

The George River caribou hunting season in Labrador is scheduled to close half an hour following sunset today (Tuesday, March 20). The closure applies to all areas for which an open season was declared during the 2011-12 big game hunting season.

Thermal Imaging Cameras Announced for Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Ground Search and Rescue Teams

To enhance current ground search and rescue (GSAR) capabilities in Newfoundland and Labrador, the Provincial Government has announced a $510,000 commitment to purchase a suite of thermal imaging cameras for use by volunteer GSAR teams in the province.

Caribou Survey Taking Place on Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland and Labrador

A population survey will be carried out over the next several weeks on Northern Peninsula caribou herds, as part of the Provincial Government’s ongoing research and management efforts for woodland caribou on the island portion of the province. The survey is taking place in the vicinities of Deer Lake, Baie Verte, north along the Northern Peninsula to St. Anthony, and will include the Gregory Plateau, Aides Lake, Hampton Downs, Northern Peninsula, Gros Morne and St. Anthony caribou herds.

Newfoundland Labrador Hunters Reminded to Follow the Rules for Big Game Season

The Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Division of the Department of Justice is asking big game hunters to become familiar with the rules and regulations of the Wild Life Act now that big game hunting season is underway. The act is in place to conserve the province’s wildlife resources so that they can be enjoyed by future generations in addition to ensuring hunters understand and follow safe hunting techniques.

Newfoundland Labrador DNR Catches Moose Poachers

Investigations by conservation officers with the Department of Natural Resources offices in Springdale and Baie Verte have resulted in the conviction of nine hunters for violations under the Wildlife Act.

Two individuals from Fleur De Lys appeared in Provincial Court in Baie Verte on January 5, 2011. The individuals were convicted of applying for a big game licence while under a five-year big game hunting prohibition. One individual was fined $1,000 while the other received a fine of $3,000. Both are prohibited from holding a big game licence for a further five years.

Labrador Caribou Hunters Reminded to Follow Regulations
As the caribou hunting season in Labrador continues, the Provincial Government is reminding hunters of their responsibility to be familiar with the regulations governing this activity under the Wildlife Act and the Annual Hunting Orders.
Newfoundland and Labrador Illegal Moose Shooting
The Department of Natural Resources is asking the public to provide information on a moose shooting that occurred in a residential area in the Town of Paradise on Wednesday, November 11.
North America's Hottest Trophy Areas
Which areas of North America have produced the most Boone and Crockett trophies so far in the new millennium?