New York DEC Monitors Deer on Staten Island

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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has begun to collect data on the location and number of deer in Staten Island. This effort, which will run through the end of February, responds to a growing number of sightings from local residents and represents an initial step toward developing an effective strategy to monitor this deer population and minimize any damage it may cause.

Through the use of established field sampling techniques and eyewitness reports of deer sightings that specify the date, time, and location, DEC will attempt to delineate the boundaries of the area that the deer currently inhabit.

Deer populations have been rising steadily statewide in recent years. This population growth, combined with suburban sprawl, has increased the presence of deer in the wooded areas of suburbs across the state. The deer in Staten Island are likely to have swum to the island from New Jersey.

To help with this initiative residents of Staten Island can contact Joseph Pane, Wildlife Manager, at (718) 482-4941, or with specific information regarding the time, date, location, and number of deer sighted.