New Way to Receive Updates for Nevada Hunters

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Nevada's hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts are a motivated, organized group, constantly searching newspapers and the Nevada Department of Wildlife website for population reports, fish stocking information, new information on hunt units, and changes in boating laws. This is a prepared group that strives for the most recent information.

With that in mind, the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) has unveiled the NDOW Information Service in an effort to get up-to-date information to the public as quickly as possible. The service sends out current NDOW press releases by email to customers who have subscribed to one of the department's ListServs, an electronic mailing list that allows for widespread distribution of information to many internet users.

"The agency's goal is to move toward a more broad based dispersal of all of our information, and ListServs and the internet are critically important in reaching new audiences," said Kelly Clark, NDOW Conservation Education Division Chief.

People can either subscribe to receive all the information that NDOW sends out, or they can select to only receive information from one of four, more specific groups; Hunting, Fishing, Boating, or Wildlife and Habitat. Subscription is done on the NDOW website at

Currently, the NDOW Information Service has more than 6,500 people subscribed to receive department news.

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