New Super Light Ground Blind from Hunter's Specialties®

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Avoiding the sharp eyes of game animals is a high priority for sportsmen. Using a good camouflage pattern is important, but if you move at the wrong time, you run the risk of being detected. A portable blind helps solve the problem by allowing the hunter to remain concealed while hiding excess movements.

While some blinds can be bulky and difficult to set up, Hunter's Specialties® Collapsible "Super Light" Portable Ground Blind makes transportation easy and hassle free. It folds into a handy 14" long package that allows hunters to carry it in their pocket or hunting vest. When you get ready to set it up, simply unsnap the elastic strap, unfold the legs and place them in the ground. Set up, the blind measures 12 feet long by 27 inches high.

A spun bonded polyester material with die cuts for a 3-D effect makes up the camouflage. Built to last through years of use, the Collapsible "Super Light" Portable Ground Blind is available in Realtree® APG(TM), Realtree® AP(TM) and Advantage® Max-1 HD(TM) camo patterns.

Manufactured suggested retail price is $19.95

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