New Mexico Seeking Info on Mule Deer Poaching

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The Department of Game and Fish needs help finding the person or persons who illegally shot a mule deer doe the week of June 19 on private property off Bear Canyon Road on the northeast side of the Guadalupe Mountains in Chaves County.

A conservation officer discovered the deer carcass June 23 while on patrol. The deer's back straps, hind quarters and one shoulder had been removed and its ears had been cut off. An inspection determined the doe had been shot with a large-caliber firearm.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Southeast Area Office in Roswell at (575) 624-6135 or Operation Game Thief at (800) 432-4263. Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a $500 reward.


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Well nearly a month has gone

Well nearly a month has gone by since this animal was found so I doubt the poacher will ever be found. If it was a big buck that they wanted to brag about it might be different but since it was a doe they were possibly just trying to feed a family. It's still wrong but unlikely they will ever be caught. It is a little strange though that they cut the ears off and that alone could be something that causes them to be found as it is alitle wierd. In all the years I have hunted I have never seen anyone do that before.