New Mexico Elk, Deer, Javelina Tags on Sale in August

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Hunters who were unsuccessful in this year's annual drawing for big-game licenses will have another shot in August when the Department of Game and Fish puts almost 3,500 deer, elk and javelina licenses up for sale on the agency website.

The online sales will be first-come, first-served and will be conducted in two parts on different days. The first sale will be Aug. 10 for antlerless elk licenses reserved for youths younger than age 18 who successfully applied but were unsuccessful in drawing any big-game license this year. The second sale will be Aug. 17 for deer, elk and javelina hunts available to youths and adults.

Both sales will begin at 10 a.m. MDT. Hunters are strongly advised to obtain or review an online customer account, including a Customer Identification Number, user name and password before the sales begin. Popular hunts sell out minutes, sometimes seconds after the sales begin.

Here are some details about the sales:

Youth Encouragement Hunts/p>

  • On sale: 10 a.m. Aug. 10 at
  • Licenses available: 1,955 antlerless elk licenses, including 1,395 for any legal sporting arm and 560 for muzzleloaders or bows and arrows.
  • Eligibility: Only hunters younger than 18 who were unsuccessful in the regular drawing for any big-game license and whose applications were not rejected for reasons such as lack of funds, incorrect forms or failure to file a harvest report are eligible to purchase a youth encouragement license. Youths also must have successfully completed an approved hunter safety course before purchasing a license.

Leftover deer, elk, javelina licenses

  • On sale: 10 a.m. Aug. 17 at
  • Licenses available: 254 youth-only, any legal weapon deer licenses; 1,072 bow and arrow deer licenses, some reserved for youth only; 1,619 muzzleloader and archery deer licenses, some reserved for youth only; 15 elk licenses; and 484 javelina licenses.
  • Eligibility: Residents and nonresidents of any age who meet youth hunter safety requirements and filed a mandatory harvest report if they held a deer or elk license for the 2010-2011 seasons.

Elk, mobility impaired:

Any legal weapon, mobility impaired: Unit 52, Nov. 19-23, antlerless, 5 licenses.
Muzzleloader or bow and arrow, mobility impaired: Unit 52, Oct. 8-12, mature bull, 10 licenses.


Any legal weapon: statewide except Units 19 and 23-28, Jan. 16-March 31, 182 licenses.
Bow and arrow: Unit 19 and 23-27, Jan. 16-31, 51 licenses.
Bow and arrow: statewide except Units 19 and 23-28, Jan. 1-15, 251 licenses.


GooseHunter Jr's picture

Cool that they let the

Cool that they let the youngsters get first crack at them. 

Man with all the licenses goping on sale and with Colorado leftover list coming out and then going on sale here in a week or so.  Just gets me allwarm and fuzzy inside because you know all that means is that the seasons are just drawing that much closer and berfore you know it we will all be cahsing our game of choice.  hard to think that in three week I will be chasing antelope around with a bow....can't wait.

hunter25's picture

Due to the demand for tags

Due to the demand for tags down there I'm surprised they have even this many leftovers. Not much for elk but quite a few for muzzleloader or archery deer. It does not show even one left anywhere for a rifle deer tag though. I guess muzzleloader would be the way to go if you just had to hunt there this year. I say that since I don't archery hunt right now. I'm not sure how much they charge for javelin but that may be an option as well if not too steep, Arizona is high but has greater numbers and Texas next door is dirt cheap at 2 javvies for 45 bucks.

The sad thing is so many youth tags make the leftover list, I would like to think more people are getting the kids out and taking advantage of this great opportunity.