New Mexico DFG Searching for Elk Poachers

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Department of Game and Fish conservation officers are looking for poachers who killed four elk on or about Dec. 8, and then left the animals to rot on a gas well pad in the Santa Fe National Forest near Llaves.

The elk, a 6-by-6 bull, a 5-by-5 bull, a cow, and a calf were shot within two miles of one another on Forest Roads 312 and 520. Conservation Officer Brady Griffith said the elk were field-dressed and then hauled off and dumped on the well pad just off Forest Road 310.

Anyone with information that leads to the arrest or conviction of those responsible for these poachings could receive a reward and remain anonymous by calling 1-800-432-GAME (4263).

For more information about this case or any other case, please visit the Department website, and click on the "Enforcement" tab.