New License and Permit Fees Approved

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The Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission listened to fee proposals at the Public Hearing portion of a Jan. 20 meeting in Topeka. The proposals included increasing two existing fees and establishing several new fees and permits. All fees will be in effect after February 18, 2005.

The commission approved an increase in the nonresident archery and firearms Whitetail Either Sex and Muzzleloader Any Deer permits. Currently, nonresidents pay $221 for one of these permits, a fee which includes a $20 nonrefundable application fee and a $1 issuance fee. The new fee for these nonresident deer permits is $321.

A second proposal will increase the cost of a resident-only lifetime hunting and fishing licenses, which currently cost $300 each and $600 for a lifetime combination fish and hunt. The commission approved increasing the fee for a lifetime fishing or lifetime hunting license to $440 — $880 for a combination fish and hunt.

A new three-pole permit will be available to anglers this year. Kansas law limits anglers to two attended lines in addition to eight setlines or one trotline with 25 hooks. The three-pole permit will cost $4 and allow anglers to fish with three attended rods.

Other fee proposals approved by the commission at the January meeting include establishing a $5 application fee for elk permits and adding a $5 preference point service charge to resident limited-draw permits, such as the Any Deer firearms permit and the Unit 4 Spring Turkey permits.