New Kong Expedition Lounger™ Ladder Stand

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Waiting all day for the big one just got a little easier with Gorilla's introduction of the Kong Expedition Lounger ladder stand. The new stand features a spacious 19" x 14" padded seat which utilizes Gorilla's exclusive Zero-G suspended seat design.

Comfort is the driving force behind the new Kong Expedition Lounger ladder stand. With an extra wide top section, padded backrest, padded armrests, padded shooting rail, and folding footrest, the Kong Expedition Lounger ladder stand is built for the long haul.

"Hunter's rely on Gorilla for comfort and security," said Gorilla Director of Marketing Stephen Graham. "The Kong Expedition Lounger ladder stand is designed to deliver all of that and much more."

The stand features a 26" x 20" platform, is rated for 300 pounds, and stands at 17 feet tall. It also features the TimberScape 2 camo metal coating and Mossy Oak Treestand camoflauge for superior concealment.

The new Treestand pattern utilizes the same silhouette-altering technology found in all the Mossy Oak patterns. It was designed specifically for hunting from an elevated position, effectively erasing the outline of an elevated hunter among the bare limbs of a late fall tree.

Gorilla Inc. is an award-winning manufacturer of high performance treestands and accessories for hunters who demand comfort, strength and stealth. For more information on the Kong Expedition Lounger ladder stand visit