New Jersey Releases Spring Turkey Numbers

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The 2007 spring wild turkey hunting season ran from Saturday, April 14 (Youth Turkey Hunting Day) through Friday, May 25 with a total harvest of 3,061 male wild turkeys. While this harvest is not a record (the highest harvest was 3,779 turkeys taken in 2002), it is the sixth-highest harvest in New Jersey since the first season in 1981. One hundred and fifty-four birds were taken on the youth turkey hunting day.

A decrease of 11 percent from the 2006 harvest was measured and this correlates with turkey productivity being poor during the past two years. In addition, hunting weather was poor due to heavy rain during the A-segment.

Despite the A-segment harvest being down 28 percent from the 2006 A-segment, the overall harvest was only down 11 percent. This means that although the weather was poor for hunting during the first week, those birds were still available afterwards, and hunters made up the difference by the end of the season. The harvest data, which is currently being processed, should demonstrate that one-year-old birds (jakes) made up a low percentage of the harvest, also due to poor productivity in 2006.

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